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April 24, 2020

Video Content Release Dates

Welcome to the new Classic Tractor Fever Website! We’re proud to offer our viewers another way to watch full length RFD-TV Episodes and full length DVDs. We release new video content each month for our Premium Members. To become a Premium member is just $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Try it FREE for two days! Click HERE for more information.

Premium Members get access to our DVD library, watch full length episodes, watch members only classic stories and get early access to the videos we share on our YouTube channel.

Below are release dates for our new video content which is only available to our Premium Members. Be sure to bookmark this page as we continue to update this post with new release date information.


June 1, 2020

Moline Universal Tractor Reunion – 2019 (37:46 mins) – Premium Members

  • We’re on the road in Geneseo, Illinois at the 2019 Moline Plow Company Reunion featuring the Moline Universal Tractor. This Reunion is the first of its kind and brings together the largest assortment of Moline Universal Tractors since the 1920s! We’ll learn the history of the Moline Plow Company, visit with Moline Collectors and get the story on the unique Moline Universal Tractor

What Are The Different Models Of The Moline Universal? (8:25 mins)- Premium Members

  • Kent and Karl Jansen talk about two variations of the Moline Universal Tractor, the Model C and Model D, and share the unique features of each. From the 2019 Moline Universal Reunion in Geneseo, IL.

James And The Story Of His Moline Universal Model D – (6:08 mins) – Premium Members

  • We caught up with James Hidy, age 90 who farmed with a Model D Universal when just a boy. He never forgot that experience. James shares the story about his first experience driving the tractor and the Model D he bought years later and restored. From the 2019 Moline Universal Reunion in Geneseo, IL.

Two Rare Variations Of The Moline Universal Tractor – (5:12 mins) – Premium Members

  • Loren Books talks about two rare Moline Universal Tractor variations, a Model G or Road Tractor and an Orchard Model. From the 2019 Moline Universal Reunion in Geneseo, IL.

In The Shop – Restoring The Look Of An Original Paint Tractor (9:32 mins) – Registered Members

  • Doug Edwards of Edwards Restorations shows us how to use a speciality product to make your original paint tractor shine. Doug demonstrations on a nice original Allis-Chalmers WD45 Diesel tractor.

International Harvester 826 Standard Gold Demonstrator (3:31 mins)- Registered Members


July 1, 2020

Celebrating Case: 175th Anniversary Show – 2017 ( 68:54 mins) – Premium Members

  • Join us as Classic Tractor Fever goes “on the road” to the Case 175th Anniversary Celebration in Albert City, Iowa hosted by the Albert City Threshermen & Collectors Association.

Classic Tractor Fever – Season 2 – Episode 14 (47:00 mins) – Premium Members

  • We’re on the road at Aumann Vintage Power’s Annual Pre-30 Auction where everything was built before 1930! We’ll get the story on a one of a kind “Fordsons” tractor, see a true “barn find” with a great collection of early brass era automobiles, visit with some classic crawler collectors, get highlights from the auction and find out what some of these early machines sold for. Hosted by Brian Baxter and shot on locations at the Aumann Auction Center in Nokomis, IL.

Built For Work – 2016 DVD (01:12:24)

  • Brian Baxter hosts this companion DVD to the 2016 Classic Garden Tractors Calendar. It features stories and owner interviews of classic garden tractors.

Red Hot Tractors – 2017 DVD (01:46:46 mins)

  • We went back through our “RED” archives and pulled some of the most memorable stories plus added a few new, never seen features of the best of Red Power. This DVD is one of the longest we have ever produced with nearly two hours of Red Power.

Low Production Allis-Chalmers Asparagus B (4:23 mins) – Premium Members

  • Brothers Randy and Rick Schoen collect and restore Allis-Chalmers tractors, an interest that goes all the way back their childhood. The Brothers each own several examples from the Allis-Chalmers line including this low production Asparagus B, a high-crop variation on the popular Model B tractor. The brothers share their passion and the history on this low production model.

J. I. Case Model 300 Prototype Tractor (6:29 mins) – Premium Members

  • Nick Wink collects tractors built by the J. I. Case company, many of which are rare or experimental variations. Nick shared the story on one from his collection, an experimental Case 300.

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