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December 23, 2021

Old Iron Adventures – A New Television Series Coming In 2022 To RFD-TV

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This January RFD-TV will release a brand-new series called Old Iron Adventures. The series follows the Aumann Auction team across the United States from coast to coast. It’s a road-trip adventure showing the challenges each auction brings, a behind the scenes look, history lessons and the interesting characters they meet along the way.

Old Iron Adventures airs Saturday at 11am ET and Tuesday at 6am ET on RFD-TV. The first episode will air on January 15, 2022 at 11am ET & Tuesday at 6am ET on RFD-TV and stream online at Click HERE to sign up. Start Your Free Trial Today!!

“I always had a hard time explaining everything that we do and all the situations we get into. We thought the best way was to show it. There is so much to the auction business that people just don’t see,” said Kurt Aumann, CEO of Aumann Auctions Inc.

“One day you might be in California using a 90-ton Crane to move heavy crawler tractors, and then in Kansas digging through cobwebs, looking at a collection that hasn’t seen the light of day in decades. It’s always something different and it’s always an adventure,” Kurt continued.

Aumann Auctions is an international auction company that specializes in all things vintage power; early cars and trucks, antique tractors, motorcycles and historical memorabilia. The company conducts hundreds of auctions each year, across the United States.

“We meet some great people and get into some unique collections every year. It’s always something different and you never know what you might be doing from one week to the next,” said Alex Fuselier, Project Manager for the Aumann Tractor Division.

The Aumann team are also collectors themselves with a wide variety of historical knowledge. So, get ready for an interesting trip through our mechanical past. There is no other Auction company in the United States that has the same knowledge and conducts the amount of vintage power auctions per year as Aumann Auctions.

“We’re not just auctioneers, we’re also collectors. I’m interested in everything from our historical past and have collected my share of vintage power and collectibles for decades. We’ve got two auction managers that bleed green. Roger Johnson has collected John Deere memorabilia for decades and Brian Holst worked for John Deere as their Historical Equipment Manager for 19 years. These guys know the hobby. So Aumann Auctions has an unmatched wealth of knowledge”, Kurt said.

Aumann’s Old Iron Adventures is a spin-off of Classic Tractor Fever, a series shown on a regular, weekly rotation on the RFD-TV network. For over twenty-five years, Classic Tractor Fever has shared the history of agricultural machinery and the stories of those who preserve it. This new series builds on the groundwork of Classic Tractor Fever, but takes a look from a whole new perspective and expands upon the current content to include all vintage power.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for years, so last January I started following the auction crew all over from Illinois to California, North Dakota, Kansas, Montana and South Carolina. And that’s just some of the states they traveled to this year. The best way to explain the show is that it’s a mix of American Pickers, Chasing Classic Cars and Pawn Stars”, said Dan Boomgarden, series producer.

Episodes of Old Iron Adventures air Saturdays at 11am and Tuesdays at 6am Eastern Time on RFD-TV. You can also stream them on demand at

Old Iron Adventures is now streaming on Each week for the next 13 weeks, a new episode will be released for our premium subscribers. Not a subscriber? Join today and save $10.00 on an annual subscription! Use PromoCode: OldIron

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