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March 9, 2020

Kenny and Wendy Wolf Collection: Results from the First Installment

This Callahan salesman sample is believed to be the only one in existence and sold for $23,625.

Old iron brought big bucks at the first of two installments of the Kenny and Wendy Wolf Collection auction, Nov. 7-9, 2019. The online auction, hosted by Aumann Auctions Inc., featured more than 100 gas engines as well as portable steam engines and other pieces of early machinery.

Mentioned in the February/March 2020 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, the Wolf Collection is known as one of the finest private collections of gas engines in the world, and the winning bids received for some of the rarer engines certainly supported that notion. Among the rare engines to go under the hammer, a 6 HP Miller camstopper sold for $42,000, a Charter engine went for $35,700, and a mostly original 4 HP Ohio sold for $26,250. Also notable were the high prices obtained by some early scale-model salesman sample engines as well as some contemporary scale models built by Wayne Grenning.

If you wanted a piece of this historic collection but weren’t willing to spend the big bucks, there were also plenty of good bargains to be had. Among some of the more affordable — but still interesting — engines on the block were a 1-1/2 HP Ideal by Goold, Shapley and Muir that sold for $840, and a 1 HP Rock Island that went for $861.

Those who missed out on the first installment will get another chance on June 30, 2020, with the second installment of the auction, also hosted online by Aumann. The second installment will feature more than 100 gas engines, antiques, engine parts, equipment and more, including engines made by Otto, Cook, Lambert, Brown and Cochran, Crossley, Ruston & Hornsby, Domestic, Fairbanks, International, New Way and others. Photos and full descriptions will be on the Aumannsite beginning in April.

100 plus Gas Engines

Following are the gas engine results from the first installment of the Wolf Collection auction including the winning bid, number of bids, and description provided by Aumann Auctions. For more photos of these engines and additional auction results, visit the Wolf Collection page on Aumann Auctions.


Callahan Salesman Sample Engine

$23,625 (35 BIDS)

This fantastic salesman sample is believed to be the only one in existence. Early engine producers built these scale models to assist their salesman in showing the benefits of owning an engine. This example is in original condition with most of its original paint remaining. The engine is complete with a mock chain drive magneto and sideshaft mounted fuel pump.


Olds Salesman Sample Engine

$9,135 (51 BIDS)

Another seldom seen scale engine used by traveling salesmen to show the selling points off their engine. This unique engine has a brass carburetor and crank handle. The flywheels and belt pulley have been brightened. The engine is in running condition and utilizes a high tension coil and battery for ignition.


3/4 Scale Otto Langen Engine Replica

$27,300 (38 BIDS)

Built by Wayne Grenning of Grenning Models, these excellent reproductions were produced in a very limited quantity. This example, Sn. 004, is built after an 1867 engine design. The engine has a 4-inch bore along with an impressive 27-inch stroke.



Features on this highly desirable 6 HP Miller camstopper include a flywheel driven friction magneto along with a side shaft driven fuel pump. It was the top-seller at the auction, going for $42,000. 

Springfield 1 HP Type A Engine

$27,300 (69 BIDS)

These full size reproduction engines were produced in limited quantity by Emery Campbell of New York. This particular engine has a reproduction tag with at 1348 shop number stamped. These were built just as the original engines were and this one has been mounted on a cart with a copper cooling tank.


Caldwell Vapor Cooled Inverted Engine

$17,850 (32 BIDS)

Lunkenheimer carburetor, Buffalo forge blower, tin crank guard, belt pulley. This engine has 23-inch flywheels.


Crossley Model J Single Flywheel

$10,500 (23 BIDS)

Sn. 56522, repainted, small pot muffler, belt pulley, some brightwork completed, single flywheel, hot tube, This engine has a 32-inch flywheel.


Witte Iron Works 4 HP

$11,025 (27 BIDS)

Sn. 650, original engine with some paint remaining, rod bearings stamped with serial number and 4 HP cylinder has been repaired, set to run on propane, has original igniter


This 1-1/4 HP square-hopper Ideal by Goold, Shapley and Muir was the best bargain at the auction, selling for $840.

Goold, Shapley and Muir 2 HP

$21,000 (32 BIDS)

Sn. A42, one of the nicest original engines you’ll find! Lots of original paint, original cooling tank, igniter, vertical flyball governed, Lunkenheimer Mars oiler, belt pulley, copper fuel tank



The Ohio 4 HP Engine

$26,250 (45 BIDS)

Sn. 3137, tank-cooled, original engine with some paint remaining, original crankguard with wipe oiler, fuel pump


This 1 HP Rock Island was another good bargain at the auction, selling for $861.

Deutz-Otto Gasmotorenn-Fabrik Engine

$10,500 (27 BIDS)

This engine, Sn. 64386, has been repainted and mounted on a wood display skid. The engine utilizes a low tension magneto and igniter for ignition. The engine has a cast sub-base along with water hopper. This engine has a 46-inch flywheel.


Miller 6 HP Camstopper

$42,000 (21 BIDS)

These engines were first built by Albion Engine and Motor Co. in 1903, and by 1904 were being produced by Jackson Engine and Motor Co. out of Jackson, MI. Less than a year later they were purchased by the Field-Brundage Co. This original example is mounted on a wood skid and still has some original paint and pinstriping visible. Highlights on this engine include a flywheel-driven friction magneto along with a sideshaft driven fuel pump. The cylinder has been repaired over time.


1887 Pierce 2 HP Inverted Engine

$7,770 (56 BIDS)

This engine was previously repainted and mounted on a skid. It has a single flywheel with a keyed belt pulley on the opposite side. It’s spark plug fired and uses a Lunkenheimer mixer for fuel.


This 2-4 HP Ruston & Hornsby features a sideshaft and custom cart. It was one of several European engines to sell in the auction.



Gemmer 1-1/2 HP All Day Digger Inverted Engine

$10,080 (51 BIDS)

Repainted on full base with pump gears, crankshaft gear is not on the engine so it can be run without the pump mechanism turning but is included, belt pulley, igniter fired.


Brunner Inverted Engine

$8,295 (34 BIDS)

These engines were made right in Kenny and Wendy’s hometown of Peru, IL. Not much information is available on these engines and very few examples still exist today. This particular engine
features a single flywheel and wears an older restoration. The mixer appears to have had some repair work done at some point in time. This engine has 28-inch flywheels.


Charter Gas Engine Co.

$35,700 (25 BIDS)

Sn. 1003, single flywheel, hot tube, repainted, head and cylinder have matching serial number stamps, Charter mechanical oiler, belt pulley, pot muffler. Made in Sterling, IL, hot tube has been drilled for spark plug, cylinder has older repair along side. This engine has a 48-inch flywheel.


This 5 HP Master Workman engine, serial number 1257, is the smallest of the line and features a double hot tube. It sold for $19,950.

United States Engine Works Inverted 9 HP Engine

$9,030 (28 BIDS)

These engines were seen advertised shortly after Temple Pump Co. closed its doors in the early teens. They are very similar to the inverted engines offered by Temple with few differences. This example, Sn. 10616, is a fully enclosed crank design with a cast hinged crank guard/lid. The engine’s hopper runs the length of the cylinder and is filled from the back. This engine wears an older restoration, has a Schebler carburetor and utilizes spark plug ignition.


The Webster 1-1/2 HP Inverted Engine

$7,350 (24 BIDS)

Sn 4466, nice original patina, galvanized water tank, on wood skid, integral belt pulley, Lunkenheimer style mixer, drilled for spark plug.



Ruston & Hornsby 2-4 HP

$8,505 (37 BIDS)

Sn. 124624, stamped 12bp, sideshaft, Made in Lincoln, England, Type LT magneto, igniter, single flywheel, mounted on custom cart.


Fairbanks Jack of All Trades Pump Jack Engine 1-1/2 HP

$3,675 (35 BIDS)

Sn. 18715, complete pumping engine with beam, hot tube, mounted on cart, nice original engine, matching head and cylinder stamps, igniter.


New Way Two-Cylinder 6-7 HP Opposed Engine

$11,025 (63 BIDS)

This engine, Sn. 1158, wears an older restoration and is a Model B–Type C. It has been mounted on a skid complete with battery box. The engine is complete with original New Way brand oiler and correct style mufflers. The engine has an optional clutch pulley for running equipment.


This original 4 HP hopper-cooled Julien sold for $2,887.50.  

Ericsson Hot Air 6-Inch

$6,930 (44 BIDS)

Sn. 295, repainted, mounted on cart, setup for use with propane, brass pump.


Independent Harvester 4 HP

$17,850 (71 BIDS)

Sn. 3144, repainted, on cart, sideshaft with vertical flyball governor, throttle lever, Michigan swing-top oiler, original mixer, spark plug ignition


This Metcalfe-Miller engine is one of very few produced and the only one known to exist at this time. It sold for $17,850. 



The Falk Company 5 HP

$7,455 (35 BIDS)

The Falk Company located in Milwaukee, WI, sold engines from the early 1900s until they were bought by M. Rumely Co. in 1912. This example, Sn. B394, wears a nice original patina. It has been mounted on a skid along with a galvanized cooling tank. The engine does have repairs on the intake valve cage.


Oil City Boiler Works 12 HP

$13,650 (52 BIDS)

Sn. 8145, built in Oil City, PA, repainted, spark plug ignition, setup to run on propane, hot tube, intake and exhaust valve cages have been repaired, high-tension magneto


National Gas Engine

$4,620 (40 BIDS)

National Gas Engine began producing engines as early as the 1890s. This example, Sn. 27527, has been restored and mounted on a wood framed cart. The cart includes an original National gas diaphragm. The engine features a single flywheel, pot muffler, belt pulley and high tension magneto ignition. This engine has a 27-inch flywheel.


Thomas Kane Co. 3-4 HP Victor Gas Engine

$18,900 (50 BIDS)

The Thomas Kane company began marketing the Victor gas engine line in 1896. This unique engine utilizes a pushrod for the valves and also a sideshaft for the star igniter. The engine, Sn. 345, wears an older restoration and is currently setup to run on propane.


Frisco Standard 5 HP

$6,510 (75 BIDS)

The Standard Gas Engine Co. was based out of San Francisco, CA, and built both stationary and marine engines. These engines feature a unique setup where the cylinder is suspended over the head using rods. They were built in both single and multi-cylinder designs. This engine, Sn. 3036, was setup for marine use and wears an older restoration. A belt pulley has been put in place or the original prop and the engine has been mounted on a cart.


Bullseye Gas Engine 6 HP

$8,505 (47 BIDS)

Bullseye engines were sold through Montgomery Ward & Co. starting around 1907. The same basic design was used throughout all of the sizes offered. This example, Sn. 5575, still sits on its original wood skid and wears some original pinstriping and paint. The original battery box is also present. The engine also includes an optional gear drive magneto and clutch pulley.


Ayres Gasoline Engine Co. 3 HP

$8,085 (61 BIDS)

There is very little information available on the Ayers Gas Engine and Automobile Co. with only some mention of the business in various publications. This example, Sn. 109, has an older restoration and is mounted on a wooden skid. It also has a riveted cooling tank along with a belt pulley.


Regal Gas Engine

$5,775 (52 BIDS)

Sn. 844, vertical, original patina engine, cylinder has been repaired, newly built igniter and trip linkage, mounted on wood skid. This engine has 26-inch flywheels.


Metcalfe-Miller Engine

$17,850 (68 BIDS)

These Metcalfe-Miller engines were the product of John Metcalfe and Alfred Miller after the Metcalfe engine factory burned to the ground. They started over in the same building with a minimal part-time staff until demand increased again. This engine, Sn. 165, is one of very few produced and the only one known to exist at this time. The engine wears an older restoration, has a belt drive water pump, and is mounted on a wood frame cart. This engine has 36-inch flywheels. These engines were built in Quincy, PA.


This Little Giant vacuum engine is in fantastic original (and working) condition. It sold for $17,325.  



Master Workman 5 HP Engine

$19,950 (36 BIDS)

Although Temple Pump Company had been in business since the mid 1800s, they didn’t get into the gas engine business until 1905. They introduced their Master Workman double-cylinder engines in various sizes up to 20hp. The engines were unique from the aspect that you could run the engines on one cylinder or both depending on whether you needed the extra power or not. This engine, Sn. 1257, is the smallest of the line and features a double hot tube.


Famous 2 HP  Engine

$5,355 (31 BIDS)

Sn. P232K, nice original full pumping unit, original cooling tank with correct fittings, igniter, water jacket and head have freeze crack repairs commonly seen on those engines, pump beam also has been welded.


Deutz Otto Vertical Engine

$5,880 (34 BIDS)

This engine, Sn. 57698, still shows some original paint and has been mounted on a wood skid. The engine was sold through Buenos Aires and still has the dealer tag. It uses a high-tension magneto and spark plug for ignition and still retains its original carburetor. This engine has 26-inch flywheels.


Domestic Stovepipe 1-1/2 HP Engine

$7,875 (87 BIDS)

Restored on cart, no tag, brass water jacket, Lunkenheimer carburetor, brass piping, battery box.


Banner 1-3/4 HP

$1,470 (35 BIDS)

Sn. 5052, original with some paint remaining, Type W engine, hopper-cooled, pushrod, igniter, mounted on wood skid, made in Lansing, MI, tin crankguard.


Leader Iron Works 1 HP

$1,837.50 (21 BIDS)

Sn. 7760, older repaint, pump jack gear, original carburetor, belt pulley, mounted on wood skid.


Ideal by Goold, Shapley and Muir 1-1/2 HP

$840 (38 BIDS)

Sn. 12167, square hopper, vertical, has hopper lid, Webster magneto, belt pulley, original carburetor.


International Mogul 1 HP

$2,572.50 (47 BIDS)

Sn. W1258, cream separator gear, original patina engine, mounted on wood skid, original muffler, belt pulley, AEO gear drive magneto, weld on mount where hopper and base attach, igniter.



Sieverkropp Vertical Engine

$1,102.50 (38 BIDS)

Repainted, on skid, spark plug ignition, original carburetor, reproduction hopper lid.


Rock Island 3 HP

$1,312.50 (44 BIDS)

Sn. A70831, repainted, mounted on cart, belt pulley, cast crank guard, Wizard magneto.


Atlantic Gasoline 1-1/2 HP High Volume Pump

$9,555 (91 BIDS)

Sn. 22974, made by Domestic, sideshaft, mounted on cart, original condition with some paint remaining, original style muffler, spark plug, Lunkenheimer style mixer, has crank.


Domestic Air Compressor Engine

$4,200 (37 BIDS)

Sn. 21088, on neat Paasche Air Brush Co. cart with galvanized riveted pressure tank, sideshaft dual-cylinder engine with one being used for air, WICO magneto, Lunkenheimer style mixer, spark plug, engine is tagged with Paasche Air Brush Co. brass tag.


Fairbanks Bates and Edmonds 2-1/2 HP

$3,990 (34 BIDS)

Sn. 4671, vertical, older repaint, original mixer, belt pulley, brass fuel pump, igniter, mounted on wood skid.


Goold, Shapley and Muir 3 HP Vertical

$1,155 (45 BIDS)

Sn. 2143, original patina engine, original mixer, igniter, mounted on wood skid, belt pulley,
hopper lid.


Rock Island 1 HP

$861 (12 BIDS)

Sn. 37603, repainted, spark plug plate but includes a Webster igniter bracket, belt pulley, mounted on wood skid.


3-1/2 HP New Way Deep Well Vertical Pumping Engine

$1,155 (58 BIDS)

Sn. 11103, lots of original pinstriping and decals, 3-1/2 HP. Large base with pump gear, hard to find them in this condition.


The Maynard 3-1/2 HP

$2,152.50 (51 BIDS)

Sn. M9792, sold by the Charles Williams Stores of New York City, nice original paint engine, igniter, crank guard, gear drive magneto, belt pulley. This engine was found mounted on the IHC saw rig cart and was used as a mobile sawmill.


Julien 4 HP Hopper-Cooled

$2,887.50 (40 BIDS)

Nice original engine, ornate hopper top, mounted on wood skid, Webster magneto, head has old repair, crankshaft is stamped 1109, clutch pulley, original mixer.



Field Motor Co. 4-Cylinder Opposed 25 HP Engine

$5,565 (38 BIDS)

4-cylinder opposed headless engine, engine is in original condition, mounted on wood skid, Bosch gear drive magneto, Detroit mechanical lubricator.


International 1 HP Tom Thumb

$1,312.50 (46 BIDS)

Mounted on two-wheel cart, older repaint, belt pulley, original muffler, cream separator gear, rocker arm has repair, spark plug ignition.


Monitor 5 HP Hopper Cooled

$1,837.50 (68 BIDS)

Sn. 6824, repainted, on cart, belt pulley, hopper mounted coil box, high-tension ignition with spark plug.


International 1 HP Mogul

$2,572.50 (34 BIDS)

Sn. W12654, nicely restored engine on two-wheel cart, includes original crank, AEO gear drive magneto, belt pulley, igniter, muffler.


Chase Mfg Co. 7 HP

$8,085 (51 BIDS)

Sn. 101, rare hopper-cooled engine, Lunkenheimer carburetor, throttle governed, high-tension ignition with spark plug, ported engine, repainted, mounted on steel frame cart with wooden battery box/seat.


Sandwich 6 HP

$1,995 (28 BIDS)

Sn. E19943, original patina condition, belt pulley, mounted on wood skid, Webster magneto, belt pulley, partial muffler, original cast crank guard, original mixer.


Tangye Oil Engine

$5,460 (34 BIDS)

Sn. 7017B, single flywheel, original condition with some original paint remaining, hot-tube ignition, side-shaft, mounted on wood skid, Built in Birmingham, England, galvanized fuel tank, belt pulley. This engine has a 45-inch flywheel.


Le Napoleon 6 HP Engine

$1,627.50 (40 BIDS)

Sn. AE6490, nice original engine mounted on original skid, Webster magneto, head has old repair and JB weld repair on bottom, sold by Julien in Quebec, Canada, belt pulley, cast crank guard, original mixer.


Domestic 4 HP Engine

$1,785 (44 BIDS)

Sn. 21871, original, on cart, head and rocker arm stand both have repairs, sideshaft, original style muffler, belt pulley, spark plug ignition.


Gilson Goes Like Sixty 4 HP

$1,008 (25 BIDS)

Sn. 10635, original patina engine, hopper-cooled, brass mixer, belt pulley, spark plug ignition.


Fairbanks-Morse Z 1.5 HP Light Plant

$4,305 (61 BIDS)

Sn. 101438, Fairbanks-Morse Model F light plant, nice original setup, American Bosch AB33 magneto, crank guard.


This reproduction of an 1883 Moteur Forrest flame-ignition engine made by Wayne Grenning sold for $9,135, and was one of several Grenning Model engines to sell for big money. 



Freeport Stover Vertical Pumping Engine 2 HP

$2,625 (28 BIDS)

Sn. YA22134, original patina engine, igniter, original mixer, welds on cylinder and head, has pumping beam.


National Gas Engine

$9,870 (55 BIDS)

Sn. 30230, single-flywheel, large steel skid with steel sub-base, setup to run on propane (tank not included, original accumulator, pot muffler, crank guard. This engine has a 64-inch flywheel.


Domestic Regular 2 HP Pan Cooled

$6,090 (14 BIDS)

Domestic’s Regular line of engines were mounted on extended carts that allowed for a water tank behind the engine. Water is circulated using a belt drive pump just behind the engine. This engine, Sn. 2026 has been repainted and then later stripped at some point in its life. The engine is mounted on a reproduction cart that has been aged to an original patina.


Stover 3 HP Freeport Type B Vertical

$4,200 (42 BIDS)

Stover introduced the Model A, B and C, around 1905. These engines were slightly updated from their original designs. This example, Sn. 1311967, is in nice, original condition and is mounted on a wooden display skid. The engine also has an Argentinian agency tag from Juan Shaw E Hijos.


Root and Vandervoort 3 HP

$4,515 (36 BIDS)

With their business starting in Moline, IL, Root and Vandervoort quickly began using John Deere, another Moline-based company, to extend its product reach. Their line of engines was so successful that eventually Deere contracted for their entire production years later. This early example, Sn. B30730, is a pre-1907 engine and was sold through their South American dealer in Buenos Aires. The engine is in original condition with a belt-driven water pump and cast fuel tank base.


Swartz 5 HP Pioneer Plant with Swartz Dynamo

$5,985 (52 BIDS)

Sn. 740, Model G, made by Swartz Electric Co. from Speedway, Indianapolis, IN, Includes correct Swartz generator, spark plug ignition, brass Schebler style carburetor, throttle-governed, vertical flyball, repainted, belt pulley.


Lazier 4 HP Neverstop

$7,980 (54 BIDS)

Sn. 484, very unique design with air-cooled water hopper, older repaint, spark plug fired, on display skid, sideshaft, original mixer, ported exhaust.


Otto 2 HP Vertical Engine

$8,610 (40 BIDS)

Sn. 9152, nice original example setup to run on propane, on wooden skid, Powell fuel valve, belt pulley, serial number on cylinder and base match, brass igniter. This engine has 24-inch flywheels.


Little Giant Vacuum Engine

$17,325 (39 BIDS)

Sn. 3568, fantastic original condition, runs well and vacuum still works! The engine still has original decals and pinstriping; the vacuum tank still bears the Little Giant logo. High-tension ignition with spark plug, brass Schebler carburetor. This engine has 12-inch flywheels.


Tangye Hot Bulb Engine

$5,250 (41 BIDS)

Tangye engines were built in Birmingham, England, and were built in both gas and oil versions. These later style oil engines were marketed by Tangye around 1907 to 1908. This engine, Sn. 29445BR, has previously been repainted and mounted on wood skids. This engine has 54-inch flywheels.


Foos Type J 2-1/2 HP

$3,885 (39 BIDS)

The Foos Junior line was introduced in 1905 and was considerably more simple than earlier designs. This engine, Sn. 41076, features a full cast iron base complete with reproduction fuel and water tanks. The engine is in its original work clothes with some original paint still remaining.


Early Fairbanks-Morse Vertical Engine

$9,240 (35 BIDS)

These pre-1900 Fairbanks engines were built under the same patents that Charter Gas Engine Co.’s engines once James A. Charter was brought in to run their gas engine department. This example is in wonderful original condition and is mounted to a wood sub-base. The engine still retains its original hot tube ignition.


Bessemer 10 HP

$4,200 (45 BIDS)

Sn. 15447, hot tube, repainted, vertical flyball governed, clutch pulley, I-beam skid.


Cooper Bessemer

$1,365 (54 BIDS)

Original patina engine, mounted on wood beam skid, WICO magneto, belt drive governor, mechanical lubricator. This engine has 66-inch flywheels.


Oil Well Supply Engine with Large Beam Pump

$3,675 (42 BIDS)

Very neat! 4hp air cooled vertical engine mounted on steel skid with walking beam pump, Hot tube, made in Pittsburgh, PA.


Marion 25 HP

$4,620 (35 BIDS)

Original engine with steel sub-base and steel beam skid, WICO magneto, side shaft, vertical governor, made in Marion, IN.


Bovaird and Seyfang Engine

$3,097.50 (94 BIDS)

Sn. 1568, 12-1/2 x 14, on cart with canopy, WICO magneto, tin crankguard, class AJ engine, Pickering 1-inch engine, mechanical lubricator, belt drive water pump, screen cooler.


Fairbanks-Morse N 12 HP

$12,600 (33 BIDS)

On cart, tank-cooled, repainted, missing igniter, drilled for spark plug, belt drive water pump, has tag but is not stamped, clutch pulley.


International 6 HP Hopper-Cooled Titan Saw Rig

$4,305 (39 BIDS)

Sn. HL1845, original IHC buzz saw rig, front bolster casting broken, older repaint, belt pulley, single fuel carburetor, rocker arm has been repaired, battery box.


Domestic 13 HP Air-Cooled 2-Cylinder Compressor Engine

$8,400 (73 BIDS)

Sn. 22948, Very neat “barrel cooled” hopper, multi-feed drip oiler, 2-cylinder engine, metal frame cart, brass Schebler carburetor, Dixie/Aero magneto.


Alamo 15 HP Portable Engine

$14,700 (32 BIDS)

Sn. 10761, screen cooled with clutch pulley, on cart, repainted, original style muffler, vertical flyball governor, belt-drive water pump, igniter.


Heer 40 HP 2-Cylinder Opposed Engine

$29,400 (37 BIDS)

Very nice original engine that was previously used to run a sawmill, still on its original wood skid, runs nicely, mechanical lubricator, wooden belt pulley, cast crank guard, 5-ball Kingston carburetor, Heer logo still visible on cylinder, large clutch pulley, water pump, buzz coil ignition, Sn. 374.


Woodpecker 5 HP Tank Cooled

$3,780 (31 BIDS)

Sn. 15420, tank-cooled engine, repainted, The Middletown Machine Co., tin crank guard, spark plug ignition, belt pulley, original style muffler, on wood skid with fuel tank and battery box.


Fairbanks-Morse 10 HP Horizontal

$3,780 (32 BIDS)

Sn. 103467, repainted, dual fuel mixer, metal frame skid, screen cooled, Sumter magneto with igniter, clutch pulley, brass temperature gauge, belt drive water pump. ** Please note that this engine has a tag from an 8 HP Fairbanks-Morse engine; this is a 10 HP.


The Handy Andy Engine

$4,410 (17 BIDS)

Nice early vertical engine, built in Cleveland, OH, spark plug, original mixer, head has been repaired, mounted on wood base. This engine has 28-inch flywheels.


Kewanee Type 18 Pumping Engine

$3,675 (39 BIDS)

Sn. 2922, nice original engine on cast base, spark plug ignition.


The Richmond Standard 5 HP Hopper-Cooled Engine

$5,460 (44 BIDS)

Sn. 1667, repainted, belt pulley, friction drive generator, has hopper lids, original mixer, mounted on cart.


1883 Moteur Forrest Flame Ignition by Grenning Models

$9,135 (47 BIDS)

Very nice reproduction of a 1883 Forrest engine, built in 2014, beautiful craftsmanship, very detailed model, includes cam lobe to run on propane.

By The Gas Engine Magazine Staff | Mar 9, 2020


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