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November 23, 2020

Do You Know Your Massey Ferguson Tractors?

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Do you know the difference between a Massey Ferguson 97 and 98? They may look like Massey tractors, but they aren’t exactly what they seem.

The Massey Ferguson 98

Massey Ferguson 98 Stone

The 98 is essentially the same tractor as the Oliver 990 with different hood and grill. Starting about 1960 the Massey Ferguson 98 was built by Minneapolis-Moline at the plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Massey 98 is powered by a 213 cubic-inch 3-cylinder Detroit Diesel that can do 61 horsepower on the drawbar and 85 horsepower on the PTO.

Oliver 990 Tractor

Back in 1962 this tractor would have cost you about $8,188 US dollars or about $70,568 US dollars today.

The Massey Ferguson 98 in the video below has the original 3-cylinder diesel engine and has been recently restored.

Listen to the unique sound of the 3-cylinder Detroit Diesel Engine in this Oliver 990 .

The Massey Ferguson 97

This Massey 97 has the optional front wheel assist. This tractor sold on the 2020 Aumann Vintage Power Fall Harvest Auction.

The Massey Ferguson 97 was based off the Minneapolis-Moline G705 (2WD) and G706 (4WD). These tractors were built by Minneapolis-Moline from 1962 to 1965. They are powered by a Minneapolis-Moline, 504 cubic-inch, 6-cylinder Diesel or LP Gas Engine that’s rated at 108HP.

This G705 sold on the Steve And Patrica Flies Collector Tractor Auction conducted by Aumann Auctions. CLICK THE PHOTO to see the details on this tractor.


This 1963 Minneapolis-Moline G706 with the front wheel assist sold on The Richard Lowry Minneapolis-Moline Collection Auction. CLICK THE PHOTO to see the full details on this tractor.


This “promotional” G706 painted orange instead of brown sold on the Eric Ziel Rare Tractor Collection Auction conducted by Aumann Auctions. CLICK THE PHOTO to see the details on this tractor.

Classic Tractor Fever did a story on a unique Minneapolis-Moline G706 still in remarkably original condition. This tractor was colored orange as part of a special promotion by the company. Eric Ziel, a classic tractor collector and historian shares the history on this piece from our agricultural past. (Watch the video below.)


The Massey Ferguson 97 in the video below has the optional front wheel assist. In the 1960s most farmers didn’t want and didn’t see the advantage to having a full four wheel drive tractor.

Which tractor would you rather have? Which engine do you prefer, the 3-cylinder Detroit diesel or the Minneapolis-Moline built, 6-cylinder engine? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Story by Dan Boomgarden


One thought on “Do You Know Your Massey Ferguson Tractors?

  1. When I worked at Minneapolis – Moline Lake street plant (PRIOR TO WHITE MOTOR (MOTEC)TAKEOVER – we built the MF 95 (2 wheel) and MF 97 (4wheel drive)) The Masseys’ WERE MM (not made by the Oliver Corp in 60, 61, etc, as stated in your article introduction!) with the exception on the MF of the Front casting being oval; the seat and paint colors and on some a different rear hookup for implements. For some reason they sold for a $1000 less than 705 (2 wheel) and MM 706 (4 wheel drive) which evoked a real squawk from MM dealers. They were both produced on the SAME production line at the SAME time and one on the line might have been MM and the next couple MF and the a few MM’s and so on. The production ticket (line sheet) attached to each machine listed what options, equipment was ordered for that tractor (if any). At the end of the line they were driven out the door to the back area of the plant where they were loaded on the RR flatcars ( both MM and MF’s were sometimes on the same car) for transporting to various locations (before most of the Semi transportation). Most of the MF were sent to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, Canada. Hope this improves the CORRECTNESS of this article.

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