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Only A Few International Harvester 1256 Tractors Were Sold With The Optional Front Wheel Assist

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:05:39

About this Episode

Lee Zylstra of Alta, Iowa has been collecting International Harvester for quite a long time. One of his prized pieces is his Rare 1969 International Harvester 1256 Wheatland with Front Wheel Assist. Not only does it have the Coleman front wheel assist, but it also has a rock shaft and three-point hitch. There was low production for the 1256 with front-wheel assist. The tractor has an International Harvester 6-cylinder, 407 cubic-inch diesel engine that can do about 116 horsepower on the PTO and 102 horsepower on the drawbar. Back in 1969, this tractor would have cost you about $10,700 US dollars or about US $75,655 dollars in 2019.


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