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Rob Short remembers his late brother Don Short who had a passion for classic tractors.

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:04:49

About this Episode

Rob Short remembers his brother Don Short who was a paraplegic injured in the military service. Rob had a passion for classic tractors and one of his favorites was is beautifully restored 1967 Farmall 1206 Turbo Charged Diesel. The 1206 was International Harvester’s first turbo charged diesel tractor and was their first tractor to have over 100 horsepower. 8,400 were built from 1965 to 1967 with an original price tag of $9,450 US dollars or about $72,543 US dollars today. It is powered by an International Harvester 6-cylinder, 361 cubic-inch turbo charged diesel engine that could do 95 horsepower on the drawbar and 112 horsepower on the PTO.


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