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Classic Stories

The Kraszewski Family Show Off Their Impressive Collection Of International Harvester Tractors

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:08:36

About this Episode

You wouldn’t think to find a fleet of Classic International Harvester Tractors on Long Island, New York, but that’s where the Kraszewski Family amassed an impressive collection. The standouts are their collection of authentic Golden Demonstrators. One of the Kraszewski Family’s most prized tractors is their International 1026 Hi-Clear Golden Demonstrator. It is one of only two known to exist. Four or five months in 1970 International Harvester painted tractors gold and sent them out to let farmers test out the new hydrostatic transmission. Only five models (544, 656, 826, 1026 and 1456) were painted with a gold hood and fenders. Most of the Golden Demonstrators were repainted when they were sold to the farmer. No documentation exists on how many of these Golden Demonstrators were painted, so first-hand accounts or visible evidence of golden paint is needed for authentication. Having an authentic golden demonstrator could add $10,000 US dollars to the value of the tractor. Fakes are known to exist, so before you buy, make sure there is evidence to back up the fresh paint job.


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