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Orion Samuelson is a well known agriculture broadcaster, but he also has a collection of certain Farmall Tractor. This F-20 Farmall was purchased by Orion’s father when he was just 5 years old. The tractor was sold at auction in 1964 and was forgotten. When his broadcasting partner learned of the tractor, he hunted it down, finding it rusting away in a Wisconsin pasture owned by Orion’s cousin.

The tractor was donated and sold at auction to raise money for “Ag in the classroom”. The tractor sold for $6,700 US dollars and was bought by the International Harvester Collectors, Central Illinois Chapter 10. The Collectors planned to restore the tractor and present it to Orion as a gift. It took 1 year of hard work and a group of dedicated collectors, but just one year after the purchase, the club presented Orion with a beautifully restored red Farmall F-20.

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