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Classic Stories

This Tractor Was A True Failure With Only 5 Built and Only 1 Still Known To Exist.

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:04:55

About this Episode

The “American” Tractor is a story of a real failure. Only five of these tractors were built by American Steel Foundry in Canton, Ohio. The company sent one tractor to the Nebraska Tests for certification, but the tractor failed. During plow testing, the rear end of the tractor over heated and to keep it cool they kept dumping buckets of water on it. The tractor has a diesel engine with PTO, belt pulled and hydraulics. Watch as Mark Cook, shares the complete story and history of this failed tractor. This tractor will be up for auction on October 26, 2019 at the Aumann Vintage Power Fall Harvest Auction in Nokomis, IL.

Visit, today for more information about this and other tractors selling on the auction.


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