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Rare Keck-Gonnerman Model 25-50 Model ZW - Classic Tractor Fever

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Alan Barbre has collected classic tractors for over 30 years. In 2018 Alan sold three Keck-Gonnerman tractors from his collection at the Aumann Vintage Power Pre-30 Auction. Classic Tractor Fever caught up with Alan before the auction and he took us through the history of each and shared his passion for the Keck-Gonnerman Tractors and Farm Machinery. In this video, Alan talks about his 1930 Keck-Gonnerman 25-50 Model ZW. The Model ZW was introduced in 1928 and production ran until 1930. This tractor serial #3866 is a type 2 and was believed to be the first four bottom plow tractor in Arcola, IL. It utilizes a Waukesha CHK engine and was last used on a 28 inch separator from the Keck-Gonnerman line. It was originally sold with rubber tires, but was switched over to 30-60 Keck steel wheels. The company offered the 30-60 steel as a “Plow Special” configuration and is correct for this ZW. The taller wheels raised the fulcrum point and increased the weight by 2,000 pounds for plowing.


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