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John Deere

What Are The Model D Variations Collectors Want?

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:05:20

About this Episode

John Deere purchased the Waterloo Boy Company in 1918 and with it the Waterloo Boy Tractor. Deere continued to build the Waterloo Model N until about 1923 when they introduced their newly designed Model D. The D was a total redesign for the company, but did keep a two cylinder engine. The Model D has a two-cylinder, gasoline engine that can do 15 horsepower on the drawbar and 27 horsepower on the belt. Back in 1924 the Model D would have cost you about $1,000 US dollars or about $15,000 US dollars today. At 31 years the Model D was the longest production run of John Deereā€™s line of tractors. Over the years the D went through many variations and improvements, some of which are included on this list.

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