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Classic Stories

This Custom 98 Is One Of Several Brand Names These Tractor Were Sold Under. The Other names Included the Lehr Big Boy and Rockol.

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About this Episode

Ken Labert has collected classic tractors for decades. Over those years Ken’s gathered up several lesser known classics like his 1953 Custom 98. When Ken purchased the tractor it was in pieces and over the course of 8 months he slowly put it back together.

In the 1940’s the Custom Manufacturing Corporation of Shelbyville, Indiana was formed. The first tractors Custom built were for the Diamond T Truck Company. They were originally labeled as Custom, but were later sold under a variety of different names. These included: Lehr Big Boy for Lehr Equipment of Richmond, Indiana; Rockol for the Rock Oil Company of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Wards for the Montgomery Ward & Company. All of the tractors had the same Chrystal 6-cylinder, 250 cubic-inch gasoline engine rated at 55 horsepower.


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