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The Indiana Silo & Tractor Company started out as the Star Tractor Company of Findlay, Ohio. The Star tractor was introduced in 1917 as an articulated with a planetary transmission and LeRoy engine that could do 5 horsepower on the drawbar and 10 horsepower on the belt. In 1919 the company was purchased by the Indiana Silo & Tractor Company and production was moved to Anderson, Indiana. Few changes were made and the tractor was rebranded as the “Indiana”. The tractor became popular for its light-wieght, easy to use design that was capable of using a variety for farm implements including existing horse drawn implements. By 1924 Indiana Silo had stopped production on the tractor.

Three Indiana Tractors are showcased in this video. The first is a relatively un-restored Indiana Tractor and fairly early after the purchase of the Star Company as it still has a star on the hubcap. This tractor has a LeRoy engine that can do 11 horsepower on the belt and 5 horsepower on the drawbar. The second is a restored Indiana probably dated about the same time or a few years newer than the unrestored model. The lugs have been removed and rubber added to the wheels for parading. This tractor has a rare Oliver one row plow that was designed specifically for the Indiana tractor. It has the same LeRoy engine that can do 11 horsepower on the belt and 5 horsepower on the drawbar.

The third is a restored Orchard Model. This tractor is late in production with no star on the hubcaps, and raised lettering on the radiator. It probably dates around 1922 to 1924. The tractor sits lower than the other models to clear under the trees in the Orchard. It has the same LeRoy motor and is capable of 11 horsepower on the belt and 5 horsepower on the drawbar.

All three of these models sold on the Aumann Vintage Power 2020 Pre-30 Auction. Visit to see more about these tractors and other Pre-30 models.


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