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The Largest Cross Motor Case Tractor Plowing

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This Case 40-72 was the largest Cross Motor Tractor the J. I. Case Company Built. From 1921 to 1923 only 41 of these tractors were built making them extremely desirable to J. I. Case Collectors. The growing demand for smaller row crop tractors probably led to the tractor’s limited production and early demise. Although rated 40-72, the Nebraska Tests showed it could do 55 horsepower on the drawbar and 91 horsepower on the belt. It Weights in at 21,200 pounds and can pull up to a 10 bottom plow. It has a Case Designed 4 cylinder valve in head engine with a 7 inch bore and 8 inch stroke and its maximum drawbar pull is 10,680 pounds! In the 1923 this tractor would have cost about $4,000 US Dollars or about $59,000 US Dollars in 2018.


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