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Several of These Intercontinentals Were Shipped Overseas, But Only 5 Are Known In The United States

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About this Episode

The Intercontinental Manufacturing Company was founded in Grand Prairie Texas in 1948 by Harold J. Silver a business man with connections in Argentina. He contracted an order of 3000 tractors to be delivered to South America. The tractor included components from Nateco (National Equipment Company of Texas) for the tractor base, Timken Company for the transaxle assembly and the Continental Motors Company for the engine.

Bob Yonash was hired to get the tractor production up and running and to meet the deadline. The Intercontinental C-26 with rated as a 3-plow tractor that had a 4-cylinder, Continental Red Seal Engine, PTO, hydraulic controls, electric start, and lights. Later in production, the Continental engine was replaced with a Buda diesel engine and 200 of these models were produced. Its believed that all 200 diesels were shipped to India. Production on the Intercontinental ended sometime in late 1949. This tractor sold on the 2019 Aumann Vintage Power Fall Harvest Auction. Click HERE to find out more.


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