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Run Time: 01:54:30

About this Episode

Classic Tractor Fever salutes and showcases the proud legacy of MASSEY-HARRIS and MASSEY FERGUSON, exploring it’s history from 1847 and introducing owners and collectors from all over the who love their MASSEY powered tractors. More than twenty tractors are profiled in this nearly two-hour DVD.

Featured tractors include a 1918 Parrett, a 1938 MH Pacemaker, a 1945 MH 101 Senior, a 1946 MH 203G, a 1949 MH Combine, a 1950 MH 44 Orchard, a 1951 MH I330 Navy, a 1952 MH Pony, a 1953 MH I162 Army, a 1953 MH Mustang, a 1955 MH 55, a 1956 MH 333, a 1956 MH 444, a 1957 MH 444, a 1957 MH 50, a 1964 MF 65 LP, a 1967 MF 10, a 1966 MF 165 and a Massey French Ponies collection.

Running time is 115 minutes.

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