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This Was Allis-Chalmers First Failed Attempt To Make An All-Purpose Four Wheel Drive Tractor

Classic Stories Run Time: 00:06:23

About this Episode

Dave Harrington of Nebraska read about the Allis-Chalmers Duplex tractor, but since one didn’t exist he decided to built one. It took him years to find two 6-12 Allis-Chalmers tractors and convert them into the Duplex. The Duplex didn’t catch on, the idea was to put two of thee tractors together to create a four-wheel drive tractor for heavy field use, then they could be disconnected and used separately for light field work. It was a great idea but just wasn’t practically. Then the Moline Plow Company sued Allis-Chalmers for copyright infringement on the articulating steering. Allis-Chalmers lost the lawsuit and with it production ended on the 6-12 Allis.


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