Partner With Classic Tractor Fever

The Classic Tractor Fever television series is shown on a regular, weekly rotation on the RFD-TV network. For over twenty-five years, the goal of Classic Tractor Fever is to actively support and promote the preservation of American agricultural history so future generations can realize, understand and appreciate the importance of our rural heritage.

Big Farm Power

In this episode of Classic Tractor Fever we’ll see some truly impressive tractors in both size and power. From the early steam giants to the massive muscle tractors of the 1960’s, Classic Tractor Fever travels across the country to share the history of these machines and the stories of those who collect them.

Ways To Partner With Classic Tractor Fever Tv

Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • 5 second brought to you by Sponsorship ID in between segments on the television episodes
  • produce usage, placement and giveaways
  • On camera appearance, 2 minute segment to appear on the show and online video to share product information.
  • Logo and Link on Classic Tractors TV website.
  • Logo and website address in online videos
  • Logo with link to sponsors website in email blasts (20,000+ subscribers)
  • Social Media (tags, posts and shares

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On RFD-TV - Television Spots

Advertise with Classic Tractor Fever during its regularly scheduled broadcast on RFD-TV. We have 30 second and 60 second spots available which run twice a week. You can provide a ready made spot or we will produce one based one your needs. Contact Dan Boomgarden at to learn more.  Click HERE to learn more.

We can produced the video content for you, as we did in this video for Aumann Vintage Power.

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