Eagle Bus Line Collection

This collection sold on the Aumann Vintage Power 2019 Pre-30 Auction

Billy Theodore ran the Eagle Bus Line in Greenville, SC which operated from the 1920s until it closed in 1949. He was an early automobile collector who used his collection to advertise the bus line in the lobby of one of the terminals allowing awaiting passengers to view the cars. Remnants of the Eagle Bus Lines lettering can still be found on select vehicles.

When the bus line closed, the collection was moved to a hangar and stored away, preserving them and away from the collecting market. In 1990, after Theodore’s passing, the collection was sold and then moved to a storage building where it remained untouched until it was found for this auction.

The mystique, adventure and thrill of the “barn find” is what many collectors feel is the pinnacle of a new addition to their collection. This is the real deal! To have the opportunity to purchase such untouched and original items is one that does not come up often! We didn’t touch any of these items, leaving them exactly in the condition they were found. It’s up to the new buyer to decide what to do with them!


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