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April 23, 2020

Aumann Vintage Power 2020 Pre-30 Auction

The Pre-30 Auction was started in 2017 by Aumann Vintage Power. Kurt Aumann, owner of Aumann Auctions Inc., saw the need for a stand alone event to promote and showcase early pieces from our agricultural past. It’s been a success from the beginning, filling a need in the hobby for collectors to sell and buy Pre-1930s pieces.

There’s always a wide variety of items at the event from big prairie tractors like last years 1913 International Harvester Mogul Junior Tractor, early bass cars like the 1911 Elmore Model 25 Touring, early steam engines, gas tractors, early gas engine, memorabilia and signs.

For 2020 Aumann Vintage Power has another great lineup. Some of the pieces include an Early J. I. Case Collection and three Indiana Tractors, plus brass era cars, motorcycles, gas tractor, steam engines, gasoline engines, implements, signs and more. Click HERE to see the items selling on this year’s Pre-30 Auction.

Classic Tractor Fever did several stories on the tractors and vehicles sold on previous Pre-30 Auctions. You can watch all these videos in our Classic Stories collection under Aumann Vintage Power. The video below is a story Classic Tractor Fever did on the 2020 Pre-30 Auction.

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